Different Grill Types and The Best Grills in 2016

Let’s Explore The Best Grills on The Market – What You Need To Know

Are you the type of individual, who absolutely loves grilled foods? Don’t worry. You’re not the only one. Unfortunately, running out to the local restaurant for a delicious grilled stake is inconvenient and overly expensive. Would it be nice, if you could replicate that experience and enjoy delicious grilled foods from the comfort of your own home? The good news is that you can do just that by purchasing a grill. Unfortunately, the market is oversaturated with various different grills, so you’ll need to do your research, before making a decision. The guide below will help you do just that.

Considerations When Choosing A Grill

Before attempting to purchase a grill, it is absolutely essential to figure out what you want and how much you’re willing to spend. Of course, these are only two minor factors to consider. Be sure to incorporate the factors below, so you can make the best decision possible.

What Do You Want To Grill?

First and foremost, you should know that not all grills are suitable for all foods. Certain grills are better for certain foods and vice versa. Before looking at the grills available, you should figure out precisely what foods you will cook and enjoy regularly. This will help to ensure you’re able to acquire the most efficient grill for the specific foods that you and your family will eat most often.


Another thing to take into consideration is the overall quality of the grill. What type of materials are utilized in the construction of the grill? Will these materials be able to withstand the test of time? Are they durable and capable of resisting rust? These are all important questions, which need to be answered, before you make your choice. Although a better material will undoubtedly cost more, it’ll definitely be well worth it. While it may be debated, opting for a stainless steel grill is generally best.


The appearance of the grill isn’t the most important factor of all, but it is still one that should not be ignored. When looking for a grill, you’ll want to make sure that you choose one that is aesthetically pleasing. Obviously you don’t want to put a gawky mess on your patio or porch, so be sure to opt for a sleek, stylish grill that you can be proud of.


There are numerous features, which set grills apart from one another. Although some of these components might not be necessary, they can enhance the ease of use, improve the safety, or increase the grill’s overall value. First and foremost, you’ll want to consider opting for a grill with an electric start. This makes it much easier than trying to start the grill with a match or lighter. And of course, the electric starter is undeniably safer. Another feature you’ll want to consider is the infrared burner. These are innovative and have grown very popularity, because they’re capable of cooking your food more evenly.

With infrared burners, your foods will be cooked in the center and the outside will be much less likely to be burned. Other things to consider are smoker boxes, side burners, lights, and rotisseries burners. If you feel that any of these would enhance your grill’s performance, you’ll definitely want to make sure they’re available with your grill of choice.


Ultimately, price may very well be the most influential factor of all. In fact, a lot of consumers will focus on price and price alone. Although it is important to consider the price tag, you shouldn’t allow this figure to cloud your judgment, as this could result in a terrible purchase. Set your budget and try to spend as much as possible, because a higher end grill will typically be better in all key categories.


Finally, it is wise to take the grill’s warranty into consideration. There are numerous components, which allow grills to work, and each of these components can malfunction at any point in time. If the warranty isn’t long enough, you’ll be forced to pay out of pocket to make rectifications. Suffice to say, a lengthy warranty is always recommended.

Best Grill Brands

Besides the aforementioned factors, it is also essential to consider the name behind the grill. Not all grill manufacturers are equal. Some aren’t reliable and only a few will be willing to stand behind their products. With this in mind, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the best grill manufacturers, so you won’t make a terrible choice. Below, you’ll find an overview of some of the best grill brands.


Weber is one of the longest running manufacturers of grills. They’ve been around for an extensive period of time and produce a wide array of different grills with great diversity. They manufacture gas, charcoal, electric, and even portable grills. The company has been at it for over 50 years and they still manage to revolutionize the market even to this day. They’re widely known for their handle lights, built-in buckets, and their flavorizer bars. The combination of creativity and ingenuity helps to ensure that Weber grills are capable of cooking various foods to perfection and allowing them to maintain all of their delicious juicy flavors.


Just like Weber, the mass majority of consumers will be more than familiar with Char-Broil. Char-Boil is capable of accommodating all consumers no matter who they are or what they intend to cook. They offer a diverse lineup, which includes gas, charcoal, electric, and portable grills. They also sell smokers and roasters. Whether you’re looking for something large and bold or compact and sleek, you can guarantee Char-Broil will have something within their portfolio that will satisfy your needs.


KitchenAid is known for producing a wide array of consumer products ranging from garbage disposals to grills. The company is highly regarded for their consistency and ability to deliver satisfactory products time and time again. The company shot to fame in 1919, when they developed their Stand Mixer. Today, they’re known for their innovative products and willingness to work with other companies to deliver the most reliable and worthy products possible. In fact, many of their outdoor grills are manufactured in conjunction with other companies.

Rec Tec

Finally, there is Rec Tec. The company is much different from the alternatives. Instead of attempting to conquer all types of grills, they solely dedicate their time to wood grills. Their wood burning grills are capable of paralleling the convenience provided by gas grills, thanks to the Smart Grill Technology and their handy hardwood pellets. Many consumers feel that wood grills are capable of delivering a tastier food. If you concur with this statement, you’ll definitely want to add a Rec Tec grill to your arsenal as soon as possible!

Different Grill Types

Gas Grills

Grills are a great way to get friends and family together to enjoy the great outdoors. You can really cook some great food and enjoy each other’s time. However, due to great popularity of grills, there is an unlimited array of brands available on the market. Needless to say this makes choosing a specific model extremely difficult. Which grill do I need? What is best for my cooking needs? Below you will learn more information about gas grills and what they have to offer you and your cooking needs.

Best Used For

The first thing you need to know about gas grills is that they require natural gas. This means that you may need to install a natural gas tank somewhere on your property and run a line directly to the grill. If your home is not supplied by natural gas, then may need to look into buying a different type of grill. However, one great thing about this type of grill is that you never have to worry about replacing a small tank, but you will need to get the large natural gas tank refilled annually. This could even possibly save you some money over time.

Gas grills are very versatile and you can cook several different types of food including steak, turkey, hamburgers, hot dogs, whole potatoes, kabobs, and much more.


Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of a natural gas grill is that that are not very transport friendly. You will not be able to roll the grill around because it will be connected to a natural gas line. Another disadvantage is that you might have to pay an extra fee to have a gas line ran to your deck or patio, where the grill will be located. This will also limit any flexibility in movement, so you may have some difficulty keeping the area around the grill thoroughly clean.

What To Look For

If you are in the market for a gas grill, there are a few things that you need to keep an eye out before you just go out and buy a new grill. The first thing you want to look at is the warranty. Look for a brand that offers a 5-10-year warranty on the parts. Some brands may even offer a limited lifetime, if you are lucky. Another thing to consider is the maximum temperature range. If you like cooking steak, then you want to make sure that the grill will reach at least around 600 degrees.

You also want to make sure that the burner is sized properly. A lot of grills will be large is size, but once you examine them you will notice that the burner is small. This basically means that you are going to have a lot of hot and cold spots.

Best Pick

After careful research and study we have come to the conclusion that the Weber 47510001 Spirit E310 is one of the best natural gas grills available on the market.

Propane Gas Grills

Grills have definitely evolved over the last few decades, thanks to modernized technology and design. Today, consumers have the advantage of picking through hundreds of different brands, until they find a grill that suits their needs and preferences. The gas grill has surpassed the other models in popularity, because they offer so much more convenience, even cooking, and they heat up quite nicely. Below, you will discover more information about propane gas grills, so you can decide whether or not they are suitable for you and your family.

Best Used For

Propane gas grills are used for cooking almost every type of food. The heating mechanism embedded into these models is capable of heating up extremely quickly. When comparing the heat-up time with the traditional charcoal grill, there truly is nothing there to compare. It could take the charcoal briskets anywhere from 15-30 minutes to reach the maximum temperature level. This is time wasted that could be put towards the cooking process.

Propane grills are great for cooking corncobs, chicken breaks, baby back ribs, and Idaho potatoes.


One of the main disadvantages of a propane grill is it lacks in portability. Unlike the chargrill that can be packed away in your trunk and taken to the beach, propane grills normally stay where they are initially placed. Of course, most models are equipped with castor wheels, so you can easily move them around for a thorough cleaning, but that is about it as far as portability goes.

Many food enthusiasts feel that food cooked on propane grills lack flavor. Charcoal is capable of giving food a smoky flavor that many people find desirable.

What To Look For

There are many things to look for in a propane grill, with the main one being the BTU rating. The higher the BTU, the more propane is used, but it also means that more heat is delivered to the food. You will discover that a smaller grill will cook food much faster than a larger grill. The main reason for this is because the heat delivered must be distributed evenly throughout the interior compartment. It will also take a little bit longer for a larger unit to heat up, so be sure to keep these factors in mind, when you are shopping for a new grill.

Best Pick

Pick for the top propane grill is the Weber W6110001 Spirit E210. While, this model is slightly more expensive than the competitor brand, its heavy-duty construction and premium components are undeniably the best. The particular model is capable of producing up to 26,500 BTU/hour, so you are guaranteed a quick cooking process and evenly cooked foods.

Charcoal Grills

While, charcoal grills do not offer the convenience of a propane or gas grill, they are still very popular. In fact, many people had rather invest in this model, because it offers its very own benefits and it is unique in itself. The charcoal briskets used to heat up the grill are capable of flavoring the foods wonderfully. Many food experts seem to think that foods cooked over charcoal is more flavorful and mouthwatering than those cooked over natural gas.

Best Used For

It definitely takes skill to successfully cook a meal on charcoal grills. You must choose the perfect time to place your food on the racks. If you add it too quickly, the lit charcoal will potentially scorch the outside of the food, leaving it smelling and tasting like burnt ash. With this being said, if you wait too long before placing your food on the rack, you will risk the briskets burning out, before the food is thoroughly cooked.


There are several notable disadvantages of charcoal grills, with the main one being uneven cooking. In order to offset this disadvantage, you need to carefully place the briskets in the perfect locations. Also, if you add the food before all of the briskets are ready some of the foods will not be thoroughly cooked, especially those on the outer edges of the rack.

Another disadvantage is the difficulty one will experience in trying to maintain a suitable temperature rating. You will notice that the temperature will increase and then gradually decrease until the briskets completely burn down. In the meantime, you will notice that when you open the lid, it will take forever before the grill heats back up to the maximum level.

What To Look For

Most brand charcoal grills are designed around the same parameter. There truly is not much to them except for a lid, rack, legs, and a bottom. Of course, there are some variances in their size and design. For instance, you can choose from the square or round design and the small, medium, or large sizes.

When you consider what to look for in a charcoal grill, your options will depend on how many people you are cooking for, what the grill will be used for, and where you will be transporting it. If you have a large family, you will need a slightly larger grill, so you can pack it full of hamburger patties, veggies, and hotdogs.

Best Pick

Our top charcoal grill pick is the Char-Broil 580. This grill is uniquely designed and available in several different sizes. Although, this particular model replicates a propane and gas grill, it heats with briskets. The heavy do lid is embedded with adjustable vents, so you easily maintain a balanced temperature at all times.

Pellet Grills

If you looking for a unique grilling experience, you should definitely consider investing in a pellet grill. Unlike the traditional propane, gas, and charcoal grill, this model is capable of utilizing a variety of hardwood pellets. The type of pellet that you choose will solely depend on your desired tastes.

Best Used For

Pellet grills are great for barbecuing hotdogs, corncobs, kabobs, and pork chops. The mesquite pellet will be the best option for these types of foods, plus it will get your taste buds working overtime.


The biggest disadvantage of pellet grills is they are not cost-efficient. A 40-pound bag of wood pellets can cost you anywhere from $30-50. When you compare this expense to propane or charcoal, it is slightly higher, but the delicious flavors make it worth every cent.

What To Look For

If you’re intent on becoming an owner of a pellet grill, you’ll want to make sure you acquire the best one humanely possible. Make sure the unit offers plenty of heat settings, so you have complete control over the cooking process. You’ll also want to make sure you select a pellet grill, which will be able to cook enough food for the entire family. Make sure you choose a spacious grill with plenty of cooking space, so there won’t be a need to cook more than one time.

Best Pick

At the end of the day, we came to the agreement that the REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill was by far the best of the litter. The grill is sleek and is capable of maintaining a precise temperature throughout the cooking session. With a wide variety of cooking settings to choose from, you’ll always be able to cook at your preferred pace and will never be forced to rush or wait too long. And of course, the unit offers a massive amount of cooking space, so you can accommodate the entire family easily.

Smoker-Grill Combo

A smoker is great for some foods, but not ideal for others. This makes purchasing a smoker unrealistic for a lot of consumers. However, it is possible to get the best of both worlds by investing in a smoker-grill combo. These specific products are very versatile and can be utilized to smoke and grill your food. Some of these models will come with two individualistic cooker boxes, while others will use a single chamber. Regardless of the option you select, you can guarantee these appliances will deliver a unique taste, plenty of convenient, and immense versatility. There will be very little you won’t be able to cook with one of these grills.

Best Used For

Since this is a smoker and a grill in one, you will be able to use it to prepare a wide assortment of different foods. You can smoke turkey, grill a burger and achieve everything else in between. These grills are capable of smoking chickens and turkeys, while grilling burgers, dogs, and even wings. The possibilities are truly endless.


Although this may seem like a misstatement, the smoker-grill combos are not entirely flawless. Although they’re great for both purposes, they cannot match the performances of a grill or smoker individually. They’ll carry out both, but cannot deliver the same taste as their more dedicated counterparts.  Also, many of the combo units are much more expensive than the alternatives. This is somewhat expected, since you’re getting two appliances for the price of one though.

What To Look For

There are two main things to consider, when purchasing one of these cookers. First and foremost, you need to consider the fuel used. These grills are capable of working with wood, gas, electric, and various other fuels. Secondly, you’ll want to consider the amount of cooking space. Some of these combination units are vertical, so their space may be limited to some degree. If you intend to cook more food at once, be sure to choose a horizontal combo unit.

Our Pick

If you’re looking for the best combination cooker, we sincerely recommend that you check out the Smoke Hollow 4-in-1 Smoker Grill. This unit is costly, but the price is justified when you consider its size, functionality and the features it possesses. With this cooker, you’ll be able to prepare up to twenty hamburgers at once! And, you can always use the smoker to embed your foods with a delicious BBQ smoke flavor. Whether you’re an expert or novice, you will not be disappointed with this smoker-grill combo from Smoke Hollow.


Smokers are highly popular amongst food enthusiasts for their ability to provide the finished food with a unique, savory taste. They come in two individualistic styles, but they work virtually the same. The vertical water smoker is much less expensive than the pit smokers and help to ensure that the good maintains its moisture. Unfortunately, vertical smokers only offer a small amount of cooking space, whereas horizontal models offer a substantial amount of space for all of your edibles. No matter which option you choose, you can guarantee a smoker will cook your food to perfection and deliver a distinguishable taste, which cannot be found anywhere else.

Best Used For

When it comes down to it, smokers are versatile and can cook almost anything, but they’re best for a few specific meals. For starters, they’re idealistic for making true barbecues, as well as specific foods such as smoked turkey and even pastrami. Still, it is possible to throw almost anything in a smoker and cook it thoroughly.


Smokers are unfortunately somewhat restrictive. They’re only capable of cooking a few specific meals. However, it is possible to offset this downfall, by opting for one of the most versatile models, which can gill and smoke. Also, if you happen to choose a vertical smoker, you’ll have a terrible time attempting to fit all of your food on the cooking platform. These specific smokers offer a very limited amount of space. Nonetheless, a lot of people will still purchase one of these appliances for the unique taste they can deliver.

What To Look For

When trying to find a suitable smoker for your individualistic needs, you’ll need to take many things into consideration. First and foremost, you’ll need to consider the type of fuel you prefer. Do you want charcoal, electricity, wood pellets, or propane? Smokers are capable of operating with all of these fuels, so the possibilities are plentiful. It is also a good idea to consider how much you’re willing to spend. The prices of smokers can vary significantly. Some of the higher end models can cost thousands of dollars, while the cheaper models may fall under a hundred bucks.

Best Pick

After a lot of research and thorough consideration, our experts finally arrived at the decision that the Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker was the best smoker of all. The smoker is vertical, so it’ll cook your foods to perfection, without causing them to dry out too severely. And despite the compact size, the interior compartment offers plenty of space for all of your edibles. There are two trays, so you’ll easily be able to fit two different meals into the smoker at once.

Finally, this smoker incorporates the use of charcoal, so you’ll always receive that delicious charcoal taste. Thanks to the combination of features and the affordable price, the Web 721001 is an excellent investment and will be sure to eliminate the entire family’s hunger in a satisfactory manner.

Electric Grills

The market’s assortment of grills is very diverse and it is undoubtedly true that each type of grill offers unique benefits. When it comes to electric models, the user will receive an abundance of convenience and additional safety, since they won’t have to worry about physically lightning a fire. And, the electric grills can be advantageous, because they’ll help the consumers save a substantial amount of money. You’ll never have to worry about running out to the store to invest in another bag or charcoal or to change out your propane tank. Of course, these models aren’t entirely flawless.

Best Used For

When it comes down to it, electric grills are incredibly versatile, but they’re not necessarily excellent for one specific type of food or another. They’re capable of cooking all different types of foods and will always deliver a delicious taste. However, you won’t get the same taste that is experienced from charcoal or wood grills with an electric model. Nonetheless, the electric is still a must for many consumers, due to their convenience, compact size, versatility, and ease of use.


It is often true that electric grills are incredibly cost effective over a period of time. You don’t have to worry about propane or charcoal, so it is never essential to purchase anything else in the future. Unfortunately, this also makes the electric grill costlier initially. Another thing to remember is that these grills tend to be very fragile. When cleaning the internal components, you’ll need to be very cautious and make sure you avoid getting the electric elements wet! This may make these products only suitable for enclosed environments or indoor use.

What To Look For

If you decide that an electric grill is best for your family, you’ll want to make sure you choose one that best accommodates your family’s size and needs. Be sure that the grill will be convenient and easy to use. Opting for one that is raised off of the ground is good idea, so you won’t be forced to place the grill on a platform or bend over, in order to cook. You’ll also want to choose one that has a grease collection tray, which is effortless to empty. Nobody wants to make a mess or get burnt with grease, so choose one that can be emptied without any hiccups.

Best Pick

After extensive research and contemplation, we’ve come to the conclusion that the George Foreman GGR50B Grill is without a doubt the best electric grill on the market. The grill possesses all of the key characteristics that you expect from an excellent grill and it is surprisingly convenient to use. The stand is approximately ½ feet high, so you won’t have to bend over too far to reach your food. Alternatively, the grill can also be placed on a counter. It offers various heat options ranging from low-high for more precision.

The grill also features a non-stick surface, so you’ll never have to worry about using cooking spray or scrapping your food off of the platform. And finally, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty, which helps to make the George Foreman GGR50B the best electric grill for everyone!